Dear friend, 

I am so happy to welcome you as you join me on this incredible journey of self-discovery!

If you are like my many clients, you have come to realize that there is something inside of you that is blocking you, and that there is another way to live - with inspiration and purpose. You are here because you are determined to find the truth, get in touch with yourself and end the suffering in your life. You are on your way to live an inspired life and enjoy every breath of it!

The journey of self-discovery doesn't have to be hard and lonely. I am here for you to open the door to a complete transformation and hold your hand while you pass through it.


" amazing transformational experience!"
R. White, London, UK

The first session offers an incredible value, as it will allow you to:

  • understand completely the causes of your suffering;
  • set on a course to resolution and recovery;
  • experience the bliss and the goodness that have always lived inside of you
  • work through a stressful situation using inquiry;

I am happy to offer you this exceptional opportunity – and for a limited time you can receive a full first session for 60% off my regular rate. 

Introductory session (55 minutes)
50% off!

Private session (55 minutes)

6 sessions (55 minutes)
20% off!

Sessions for couples
(1.5 hour-2 hours) 


"...I was visibly and internally changed when I went home that night."
Ted Johnson, New York